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Mushroom cultivation: Goals and Objectives

If the prospect of growing your own mushrooms inspired you, then the first attempts, most likely, were disheartening due to the complexity and potential high cost of such things as “sterile technologies,” “clean rooms,” “laminar boxes,” and “agar nutrient media”.

Or maybe you, being inclined to research, have done a lot of work heroically trying to separate the pure cultures of the mycelium, and all just to see how the gentle white mycelium blooms with all the colors of the rainbow, with fuzzy mold spores, or turns into shiny puddles bones in connection with bacterial infection.
Goals and objectives
The most reasonable goal, of course, is to start with one fungal body and grow from it a whole bouquet of mushrooms. Fungi can be propagated in two ways – spores (this is an analogue of seeds in plants) or by reproducing tissue extracted from the fruit body (similar to vegetative reproduction of plants through grafting). In this process having a Magic mushroom kit is must.
The tasks you have here are:
– Start with a sterile fragment of fungal tissue and transfer it to a nutrient medium (in fact, this process will be consistently carried out in three stages on different media)
– From the main culture, create several of its samples
– Avoid contaminating culture
– And, finally, create an environment and conditions in which the fungus will begin fruiting.
Sterile culture on agar medium
Let the word “sterility”, along with new terms, does not confuse and does not stop you. Yes, potential sources of infection exist everywhere in the environment: in our homes, even in clean rooms and laboratories. The goal is to prevent them from getting into the cultivated crop and to exclude the “struggle” for the nutrient medium, leaving the exclusive right of its use to our fungus cultures. Having certain accuracy and after a little training using simple techniques, this process can be successfully mastered by everyone. In general, breathe deeper and read about the details of the process about Magic mushroom kit, step by step.